talk nonbinary fantasy to me


I’m starting to think that maybe I should go back to one of my old urban fantasy ideas…

The one where magic and magical beings are still pretty underground, but those who know about it or practice magic can manipulate common urban things to their advantage

Like there’s an app store where you can download spells or look up magical news

There are websites that can only be accessed by magic users through magic, these websites are a part of World Wide Wyrd Web

And there’s a certain phone service number you can call to contact the spirits of the deceased, just dial 1-800-S-O-U-L 

And if you’re on the train or jogging and you’re listening to the radio on your headphones, there’s a special charm that pauses the music and updates you with news about local potion experiments gone awry and if the vapors are going to be any trouble and let you know of sudden route changes due to a dryad who means well but just has had enough with all that asphalt and has caused some traffic congestion.

and for the record it’s not really nsfw now whoops

sorry i thought it’d just play i’m at school i can’t fix it

this is only take one, but how is it??
Andrew- take 1 mostly

ok can i say “held my cervix between your fingers” in school if i don’t
tell my teacher ahead of time

can i say “held my cervix between your fingers” in school


more modern magic

putting luck charms on cheap bracelets and leaving them in parks and parking lots alike, pretending they’re lost, hoping someone’ll take them

menstruating people selling their unneeded “blood of a virgin”

spots linking you and your phone so you can always find it with a snap of your fingers

sound levels in an area automatically adjusting to suit your needs

whole truth (and-nothing-but) spells permanently cast on courthouses and police stations, with a mage on hand anyway as a backup

marks of justice on police officers to keep them from unduly harming anyone

fluttery-fingered teenagers learning low-level attention-drawing charms to use before parties or that class with their crush(es)

charms to keep away romantic and/or sexual admirers

amulets for ensuring and staving off pregnancy

charms that make you feel full, to be used only in the direst situations (too long without eating and you’ll die anyway)

that said, bags and pots full of infinite food, from staples to specialties

all-day casting circles to make heaps of them and donate them to shelters which use them for dinners and hand out any spares

bookish children receiving a bag of turkish delight and attempting to draw enough to fill their bedrooms (they’re still finding pieces when they’re grown)